What Colour Personality Are You?

Our personalities can be disconnected into colours. Each colour has accurate traits, and it is important for you to accept these traits. Not alone will it advice you to psychologically accept the getting better, but it will aid how you collaborate with them also. If you apperceive how to get the best out of a person, you will see abundant results, and bigger still if you recognise what colour YOU are, you are able to admonish humans how to get the best out of you, your brand and dislikes, your strengths and your weaknesses.

RED Personality Traits

They are able leaders, fast paced thinkers, accident takers, purposeful, drivers, strong-willed, beneath patient, accessible energy, academic candidly competitive, rational. You may recognise abounding of the qualities of the REDS are in abounding leaders as they yield ownership, charge to be fast paced in their thinking, yield risks and be bent and assured with it.

Things Red’s Don’t Like:

Don’t’ waffle, remember, they are beneath accommodating and what anytime you do, don’t be ambiguous or constitutional on. They amount time, so afresh don’t decay their time, don’t get too claimed as REDS just like to stick to business, don’t devious from purpose, these personality types are focussed in their thinking, and don’t ask extraneous questions, they get brusque and it does not fit in with their rational cerebration patterns. Lastly don’t try to yield control, REDS are accustomed leaders and like to feel they are in control.

How to collaborate with a RED Personality:

Do get to business quickly, if interacting with a RED be blunt and precise, accord them facts, and abstain the detail, allocution to them about after-effects and outcomes, they charge to apprehend this to accomplish quick decisions. Use their time efficiently, they are fast paced thinkers and tend to move bound in their thoughts, abundant humans to animation account off, be assured if you allocution to a red.

Yellow Personality Traits

Yellows are the activity and physique of the party, they are sociable, expressive, actual artistic and agog with it. Yellow’s are actual informal, actual optimistic and animated. Their Imaginations can sometimes run abroad with them as they are actual fast paced thinkers. Yellows are actual accord focused and are visionaries with accessible top energy.

Things Yellow’s Don’t Like:

Yellow’s don’t like it if you abolish their opinions or get into intricate details. They are amusing animals and don’t like it if you are too impersonal, business-like or assignment orientated, you charge to braid this into the conversation. Don’t try and arrest their creativity, or arise above or detached.

How to collaborate with a Chicken Personality:

Key to interacting with a chicken it so socialise afore advertence any business. To get into their acceptable books allocution about options and added people. Be agog and active if carrying your account over to them and be fast paced in carrying them. Offer your account and chiefly use humour if accomplishing so getting accessible and accede their input.

Blue Personality Traits

Blues are abysmal thinkers, analytic in nature, actual detail focused and academic in their thinking. They can appear beyond as getting aloof, but are advised in their access and systematic, absolute and pays absorption to detail. They like things in their place, and are actual organised with acceptable time administration skills. They are sticklers for time and are able of advancing to their own abstracts after accepting examples of others pushed at them. They yield their time in their cerebration and are abundant slower paced than the reds or yellows. Blues can appear beyond as perfectionists due to their logical, systematic, absolute and advised access to problems or solutions. Blues like to accept all the facts, and again logically put calm an acknowledgment that is suitable.

Things Blue’s Don’t Like:

Don’t appear beyond as disorganised with a Blue as they are actual tidy. Try not to be backward as they are sticklers for time keeping. Try not to be brassy or ambitious with them. They don’t like vagueness so accomplish abiding you accept lots of detail and be able to accept lots of questions befuddled at you. Don’t use testimonials or amplify claims as they do not abatement for this, they are added facts and abstracts orientated. Don’t be too affecting as they cannot handle emotions.

How to collaborate with a Blue Personality:

Be able-bodied able if ambidextrous with a Blue personality, get into detail as they adulation to get all the facts in their mind. Be factual, specific and analytic with your approach. Listening is important to a Blue so accept anxiously to what they accept to say, as they verbalise their thoughts through analytic thoroughly. Accord them time to acknowledge as they are slower paced thinkers. Be academic in your access as they are actual business like.

And assuredly the Green’s.

Green Personality Traits

Cool laid aback airy and accommodating best describes the personality ancestry of the Green. They are simple to get forth with and actual breezy in their approach. They are amusing and focus on relationships so can appear beyond as emotional. They are abundant slower paced in their cerebration and are actual autonomous people. They are actual understanding, and agreeable. They say yes, but beggarly no? The blooming is the go amid for the Red’s and Yellow’s who are abundant faster paced. They act as the facilitator to conflicts.

Things Green’s Don’t Like:

Don’t be ambitious or put them on a spot, Green’s actually abhorrence this. Don’t try and boss the altercation or blitz things and they do not like if you adjudge for them so try to abstain this. Don’t be abrupt, explain in abounding and do not accomplish agrarian claims or demands. They can aswell acquaint if you are insincere, so try not to be.

How to collaborate with a Blooming Personality:

Be affable and appearance 18-carat absorption in them, babble afore traveling into business. It is important to advance assurance first, be breezy and non threatening. However, be active for non exact signs of concern, bethink they say yes but beggarly no, but their physique accent will alay this. If you apprehension any non exact signs of concern, bare their needs with accessible questions. Allow them to counterbalance things up for themselves.


Know you accept a abridgment of all the colours, they can be advantageous if you can plan out who in your aggregation is a accurate colour, you will now apperceive how to get the best out of them and what to do not to get their backs up. We all accept a mix of these colors in us, but one accurate blush may angle out added than most, this is accepted as your ascendant colour and is added your accurate personality. I achievement you acquisition this advice of benefit, Can you analyze your colour? Let me apperceive by abrogation me a comment.